The Cercle Laurier Inc.

Greetings fellow members

I hope you and your families and loved ones are healthy and safe.

I am sure everyone is itchy for us to reopen, no one more than me. However it looks like there will be a few more hoops to jump through before it does happen.

In the meantime I a going to give you a quick 51 day update as to what we have been trying to get done at the Club while we are closed.

The Board has met several times to discuss projects we wanted to complete this Spring and do what we could with this unwanted downtime. When we met we included Russ Marcoux, Chairman of the Finance Committee and Sean Fuller,Chairman of the Building Committee to lay out our plans and expenditures.

Russ and Finance were on board and gave us their blessing. Normally the body would have to approve these projects but these are far from normal times. The last thing we want to do once we can reopen is close for 2 days to do a building project.

If you have driven by the Club I am sure you notice the parking lot has been resealed and striped. This was completed on Sunday May 3rd and looks great.

On Tuesday, May 5th the replacement of the carpeting inside the Club was started and should be completed by Friday, May 8th.

Bob Larson of has given us an estimate to redo the bar and food serving area in the hall and we are going ahead with that project as well.

The deck under the pavilion was high on my priority list for the Spring but has been put on the back burner for the time being seeing that it is unlikely we will be able to host or rent out for large parties for a while if not the whole summer.

I talked to Steve Uralowich yesterday and it is now official : the club golf tournament to be held June 13th is cancelled. Steve and Dave Lemek are working on a September date to try to hold it then if possible.

I have had calls regarding Project 1000 and the annual scholarship and we will come up with some kind of solution when we eventually reopen.

There may have been a little ray of hope given by the Governor on Monday, May 4th but I doubt we will be able to reopen before sometime in June if not July. That is all I have for now. Please remain safe and healthy and I can't wait to see all of you in the near future.

Paul Lussier