Cercle Laurier Inc.          
                                  165 East School St.
                                     Woonsocket, RI 02895
                                                                           (401) 762-2050


Welcome to the Cercle Laurier


               Celebrating Our 75th Year !!!!!                          


The Cercle Laurier is a private men's organization located in Woonsocket, RI

                           We are committed to giving back to our community!


      ** Summer 2015 Newsletter**
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2015 Scholarship Recipients
Abigail Boisvert (RI College)
Miguel Raymond (Quinnipiac Unniversity)
Thomas Mowry (CCRI)
Meaghan Dubois (RI College)

Saturday August 8th

This event is open to the public!

Scotch Doubles Tournament         
Sunday August 16th

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Country Night
Saturday Aug.22
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Want to know about the humble beginnings of our club? Check out the Info page for a little history lesson!



Do you know what events are happening during our 75th yr celebration?
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President:  Roland Cagnon
Vice President:  Paul A. Lussier
Treasurer:  Armand Binette
Recording Secretary:  Richard Croteau
Financial Secretary:  Mike Barroso

                                        Any questions, comments or something you'd like shared on the site..
                                   Please contact Steve Phaneuf  at CercleWebsite@verizon.net
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