Cercle Laurier Inc.          
                                  165 East School St.
                                     Woonsocket, RI 02895
                                                                           (401) 762-2050


Welcome to the Cercle Laurier


               Celebrating Our 75th Year !!!!!                          


The Cercle Laurier is a private men's organization located in Woonsocket, RI

                           We are committed to giving back to our community!


         ** Summer 2015 Newsletter** 
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 Country Night & BBQ
Thanks to 
Kellen Marcil, Mike Lambert, Greg Tibbetts &
Luke Doyle for putting on an awesome event!!

Glenn Boisvert & Luke Doyle for their (as always)
top notch bartending

 And  Scott Overton for putting out 
one bad-ass BBQ!

(check out our photos page for pictures taken by Country Road Entertainment) 
If you weren't there you missed a great night!!!!!!


Want to know about the humble beginnings of our club? Check out the Info page for a little history lesson!



Do you know what events are happening during our 75th yr celebration?
     Check out our events page!!



President:  Roland Cagnon
Vice President:  Paul A. Lussier
Treasurer:  Armand Binette
Recording Secretary:  Richard Croteau
Financial Secretary:  Mike Barroso

                                        Any questions, comments or something you'd like shared on the site..
                                   Please contact Steve Phaneuf  at CercleWebsite@verizon.net
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